A California Modern Cabin House That Will Soothe Your Feelings

Modern cabin houses are having a moment when it comes to California cool, and this Cloverdale home stands out from the crowd.

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Cloverdale home backyard
The Cloverdale Home - Back Terrasse

The designs created by Corine Maggio are well-known in California's design community. She is the go-to for individuals looking for elegant environments that appear and feel lived-in, warm, and softly luxe. She is earthy, humble yet sophisticated, and free of any needless feeling of grandeur. And a prime example is this cutting-edge cabin home in California's wine region. Tonal finishes, serene interiors, and classic design elements come together here in harmony with nature, providing the ideal justification for escaping the city's flashing lights.

exterior of Corine Maggio's Cabin

How did you become a part of this endeavour? Actually, this client and my publicist are buddies, and she introduced them to me. Following their meeting, they were thrilled but ultimately decided to see how much they could do alone. They ended up phoning a few months later, a touch behind schedule and overburdened. It's such a unique property that I can't generally just jump in, but I made it work because I didn't want to lose the opportunity. I was quite busy at the time.

interior of the cabin house

Where is the project being conducted? What in the environment inspired your design? In the wine region of California's Cloverdale sits this contemporary cabin home. The surroundings are undoubtedly lovely and distinctive. The client moved to the area primarily for that reason. It is ideally suited for unhurried lifestyle. As a result, we put a lot of emphasis on natural materials and shied away from clutter of any kind.

The client's brief, what was it? The customer was really concerned with quality but they weren't particularly interested in "show." Since they don't particularly care what other people will think about the space, they prefer well-made items from companies that do good deeds.

interior dining room of the cabin house

Despite how much they enjoy company and are gregarious, this home is largely for them and their need. They desired a carefree atmosphere in the area. We frequently returned to it when selecting between various options. The best decision was usually the one that seemed easiest. Given that they are quite jovial people, we used colour to offer clues to highlight their character and charm.

What would you say about the end result? The end result is chic and entertaining in a way that makes you want to put your feet up and stay for a while. Many of the materials, like leather and soap stone, will only develop a patina and improve in appearance with time. The finishing and furnishings, in my opinion, really underline the fact that this house is meant to be lived in and enjoyed.

bathroom interior of the cabin house

Which room is your favourite, and why? The main restroom is my favourite. In terms of the various levels, angled walls, and ceiling detail, there is a lot going on, but the finishes we chose—plaster, travertine flooring, a wood vanity, and a soapstone counter—offer simplicity in an otherwise complex space. The plaster in particular really provides a lovely and organic texture that alludes to the natural setting the building is in while taming all the angles.

bedroom interior of the cabin house

Where in the house is it most serene? The main bedroom is really peaceful. Since the room isn't very big, there is basically just one piece of furniture in it—the bed, which has built-in bedside tables—and this truly creates an atmosphere that encourages calmness. The panelled angled ceilings and the bed facing the window actually give a comfort that encourages well-being and calm despite the high ceilings and overall volume.

What method do you use to layer textures and materials? We frequently used plaster, wood, leather, linen, and soapstone. These materials served as the foundation for the majority of the house, and depending on the room, we employed them in various ways and amounts. It provides the house with overall coherence.

What strategy do you employ while employing dark colours? Although I myself adore dark hues, we must be careful where we apply them. In this instance, the house's outside was given the shou-sugi-ban (burned wood) treatment, which not only gives it a striking appearance but also makes it safer in this area that is prone to fires. Then, we just let certain areas of darkness in. For instance, we employed the same technique surrounding the fireplace, which not only lets in more light but also hides the television. Then, in the bar area by the dining room table, we imitated it. These two portions act as balanced bookends to the public spaces despite being painted.

backyard terrasse view
The beautiful view off the back terrasse